Hardware Performance Service


The most common problem that I get from people is that their computer has just become too slow for them. I have also noticed when working with people that they don't have an idea as to how much their slow wait times can be vastly improved. Sometimes little changes for some people could even improve their speed. I can evaluate your computer and work out a plan with you to speed it up.

You may be a gamer, a graphics artist, or a person who needs every ounce of performance that money can buy. So what if you already have a top notch computer with 16GB of ram, a 8 core processor, and video cards in SLI or Crossfire? If you already utilize the true power of a PC and it is still not enough then what do you do? You can overclock it!

Just like a car can be modified to save gas or to have more horsepower, your computer can be also altered to save electricity or to perform tasks faster. It is called "underclocking" or "overclocking" a computer.

Do you want to squeeze more performance out of your hardware? Do you want to pay mid range dollar for top level performance? Are you looking to gain lower workload times in your programs and higher frame rates in your games? I can help with this. I have been tweaking and overclocking hardware since I owned my very first computer 12+ years ago.

Having the fastest hardware devices in your computer can sometimes make or break your hobby or profession. In any overclocking scenario a complete evaluation will be needed and additional hardware will likely be necessarily before any attempts are made. There are multiple fronts to approach it with, and multiple techniques exist depending on how much of a gain you want and how much money you want to spend.

Please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have using the contact page.

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