Computer Hardware Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Have you had your computer for more than a year? Do you have pets or work/live in a dusty environment? Does your computer often sound like an airplane about to take off? The electrical components inside your computer, such as the CPU processor and the graphics video card, have on them what is called a heat sink. This heat sink is how these components remain cool, preventing them from overheating.

The amount of air passing through these heat sinks is the most important aspect. This airflow can be degraded over time due to the accumulation of dust and hair particles. Chances are that if your computer is at least 1 year old that your internal components need to be cleaned. If the components in your computer overheat then they can malfunction and can become damaged enough over time to stop working. This will cost you more money in the end, rather than getting it cleaned out for very little. A car is a good example, where you change the oil at $20 every 3-5 months instead of buying a $3000 engine every 2 years. 1 ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Just to give you a personal example, I once found an older laptop where the CPU was running at 200 degrees while the user was plugging away. I was almost in shock that the computer was even still operational, knowing that it probably had been running this hot for quite a while. After cleaning it, the laptop CPU went down to 95 degrees! This type of maintenance should be done periodically to extend the life of your computer and protect your investment. Not properly maintaining the cooling system of your computer can cause disaster. If you wait to do this then you may be out of a computer when you need your computer the most.

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