Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

Do you work long hours in close proximity to a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile phone? Do you go off to bed late at night and use your laptop or tablet in bed to finish that one last thing, or to watch a movie? Do you keep your mobile phone around you with the data service, wireless service, and Bluetooth service turned on? Do you sleep with your phone close to you at night?

If so then you are exposing yourself to constantly varying electromagnetic fields that are producing radiation exposure in your body. Most of the electronics and appliances that we use today have an electromagnetic field that emanates from them. All electric wiring in your home also has these fields as well, so you may literally be living in a sort of "cage" that produces a smog of these EM fields.

These fields can affect the human body in very drastic ways. The body is electric and magnetic in the way that cells work and also communicate with each other. When you are entangled with an electromagnetic field, that field has information to it, and your cells naturally pick up on it.

Electronic device usage has become so common that there are now terms like "electromagnetic soup" and "electro smog". This is because at times you can be in several different fields at the same time being produced by different devices. The health impact that these fields have can be quite devastating, but it doesn't always start that way. Most people do not know that these fields are affecting their body until one day they reach a sort of "saturation point". This is when the body can no longer tolerate the effects of the fields around them. Becoming symptomatic, an ailment then kicks in and they likely will struggle to reveal the unknown and typically undetectable source.

Up to 10% of the population is currently has EHS and the numbers are rising!

If you can't tolerate EM fields then you are "hypersensitive" to these electromagnetic fields. You know there is something going on with you, and maybe reading this will be the magic light switch moment for some of you. Maybe you already are familiar with the term Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity because you have done the research for yourself?

Unfortunately people are remaining ignorant of the facts that surround this issue, even though the scientific studies are in the thousands. There is a lot at stake for big businesses if the word got out, but the truth is that our current technology can cause health problems. I tell you all of this because there is hope. There are products and technologies that can possibly aid you to at least some degree. There are also ones out there that don't work as they may imply, and some that aren't going to work for you at all. I can help you by at least providing some information to you, and possibly taking steps with you to help you to feel better, especially if you cannot get away from the sources of EM fields (like most of us can't).

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