Data Backup / Migration / Removal / Recovery Service

Have you had a data loss? Do not do anything more if you want your data restored! Doing so will possibly overwrite your recoverable data.

Data is the most important component of your computing experience. The files on your hard drive not only hold all of your personal data but they also allow the computer to function the way that it does.

What if your hard drive crashed at this very moment... what would you do? Do you have a backup? If you did have a backup, is that backup current or is it out of date? Do you have a scheduled backup plan or do you have to manually kick it off? These are all things to consider carefully when developing a disaster recovery plan.

Migration / Removal
Selling a computer and want to migrate the data off of it? Do you want to make sure that deleted files from a hard drive are all completely gone? Just because you deleted the files yourself, or you removed the partition on the hard drive yourself, this does not mean that your data is actually gone. The hard drive can usually be scanned and the deleted files recovered. You must use software that is specifically made to overwrite the data multiple times so that it cannot be recovered.

Have you lost data on a hard drive and would like to get it back? Did you delete a file by mistake and now you cannot find it? Check your recycle bin first and if the file is not in there I can see about getting your information recovered.

I can help you if you need to increase your hard drive size and speed, needing help switching out your old hard drive for a new solid state SSD drive, needing data backed up, needing data transported to another system, needing data restoration from a backup, or needing to destroy your data. Please feel free to comtact me with any questions that you may have using the contact page.

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