Broken or Cracked Screen Repair Services

So what do you do when you have broken or cracked the screen on your most favorite device? You request the service of A2 Computer Repair!

Smaller and thinner devices require manufacturers to do things like use small screws that are less commonly used, and use sticky adhesive tape in their products to hold things together. Devices are getting harder to repair due to their size, and it takes certain tools and the time to learn how to do the job correctly.

Let's take a shattered screen from an Apple MacBook Air, since it is one of the most difficult things to service. The front bezel needs to be removed using a heat gun, but too much heat will damage the diffuser layers behind the screen. These cannot be purchased. You then remove a small piece of tape before removing the LCD electronic bar or you will rip the LED cable. This cannot be purchased! You then have to unplug 2 cables that are small, delicate and hard to get to.

Please feel free to contact me today and let me know what device you need to have repaired.

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