Apple Device Repair Services

Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad or the MacBook Air can become quite an involved process to fix if you have something happen to them. An Apple device repair can easily require over an hour of time to get the job done. This is because Apple likes to use small screws that are less commonly used, and Apple likes to use sticky adhesive tape in some of their slim products to hold things together. This doesn't mean that they have inferior products, but it does mean that they are that much harder to work on.

Example 1 - iPhone 4 Home Button
A common problem with the iPhone 4 (as well as other models) is that after you have had your phone for a while you start to have to hit that home button more than once to get it to do what you want it to do. If you want your iPhone 4 home button replaced then somebody has to take the entire phone apart just to get to that little home button. There is no other way around it.

Example 2 - Macbook Air Screen Replacement
Say that you crack the screen on your Macbook Air and you want it replaced. The quick and expensive route is to buy an entire screen assembly for $350 and have someone install it for you. The 2nd option is for someone to only order the LCD digitizer and replace just that, but it requires some considerable time and work. The front bezel needs to be removed using a heat gun, but carefully so you don't damage the underlying diffuser layers display. These cannot be purchased. You then have to remove a small piece of tape before removing the LCD circuitry bar or you will rip the LED cable. This cannot be purchased. You then have to carefully unplug the 2 cables that are small, fragile and are hard to get to.

The layers of the MacBook Air screen are not sealed into a metal frame so you have to heat up the edge of the screen itself in order to get the old screen out, but very delicately so you again destroy any of the 4 diffuser layers that exist under the screen. Even if the screen is lightly cracked then this can be a painful process, but if the screen is heavily shattered then this is nerve wrecking and can take a very long time. During the process you have to be sure to not allow the diffuser layers to get oily or dirty from your hands... because they cannot be cleaned. The point is that you can really screw up this repair in a number of ways.

If you have an apple device that needs physical repair then please contact me to find out how I can help. I have had experience with replacing home buttons, dock connectors, digitizer screens and more on these Apple devices. I am confident that I can do them properly, and I have!

As always, you should contact Apple first to see if you are covered under warranty, or if you have an AppleCare contract.

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